T-minus three weeks

Just three weeks to go until our SlipstreamUSA seminar in Orlando. If you haven't already signed up, there is still time, but places are strictly limited so don't delay.

We've got a really good lineup for you. Starting off with David Rapperport talking about the benefits that Quest Diagnostics have reaped from using Ajax as a core component of their Care360 Lab Orders system. This is followed by me talking about what to do with all that data out there on the Internet and discussing the emerging technologies for working with it. Rob Tweed then provides a more in-depth look at two of the these technologies, the S3 and EC2 services from Amazon.

After the BYOB networking break we've got John Bertoglio, a very well known and respected consultant, discussing the importance of UI design in web-based applications. We'll learn how to keep the designer in control and not end up with our applications being at the mercy of the script kiddies ;)

Next up we have Larry Williams from Partners HealthCare telling us about their experiences during the migration of their three-tier application architecture from Windows to Unix. This kind of exercise always brings out some important lessons, and when you operate on the massive scale that Partners do, I'm sure Larry will have lots of interesting stories to tell.

We will wrap up the afternoon with a presentation from Chris Munt whom I'm sure many of you will know is responsible for the fundamental moving parts of both WebLink and CSP. He'll be talking about configuring large scale web-server infrastructures and providing some valuable insights into the inner workings of the various components that make up a web-server farm.

So we've got a nicely rounded and complementary set of presentations for you. They'll give you valuable guidance on how you should be building applications now and in the future. And with perspectives from both subject matter experts and from organisations that have been getting real results in the field, we hope you'll get a well informed and balanced view of what's really possible.

And if all that is not enough, we'll be convening to a restaurant for the evening followed by a designated bar where you'll be able discuss the implications of everything you've learnt late late into the night.