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Abstracts for all the presentations are now available for viewing here.

There's a really interesting range of topics. At one end we have commentary on what kind of technologies you'll be needing to develop the application solutions of the future (George and Rob), while at the other end there are some quite meaty technical presentations about tools and techniques that you can use today (Bhaskar, John and Pasi).

There are several presentations that have a health care flavour (Jon, Pasi, Adrian and Chris), covering integration solutions, national IT initiatives, and views from both a practicing GP and the Royal Marsden Hospital.

There's several talks that have an open source angle. Adrian will be talking about how Open Source might be a better solution for health care IT than monolithic national programmes. Bhaskar will be talking about GT.M which has a GPL version and George looking at the emergence of Open Data.

Inevitably web-technologies are covered in one-way or another by many of the talks with both Rob and George looking at how to get data into and out of the Internet. While Pasi and Bhaskar will be looking at web standards from either end of the process.

Integration is an important subject these days with John, George and Pasi all covering different aspects of what is needed to provide web-services, protocols and solutions that can help disparate systems work together in unison.

Finally, there's a good International showing with Bhaskar representing Pennsylvania and bringing a US perspective, Jon discussing experiences with Nictiz the Dutch National ICT Institute for Healthcare, and Pasi talking about the low budget approach taken by the Finnish eHealth programme.

Combining these presentations together with the common underlying theme of the technology we all use in our day-to-day work has created a nicely rounded programme that will have plenty of interest for everyone. The synergy of each of the different perspectives will generate a lot of good ideas and should stimulate some healthy discussion in the networking parts of the conference. I'm really excited by the content and can't wait...

The Database Column

There's a new arrival in the blogosphere called The Database Column.

There's an impressive array of contributors lined-up, but so far it seems like an advertising vehicle for Michael Stonebraker's Vertica database. Time will tell whether there is any substance to this blog.

Anyway, the first article there One size fits all discusses the use of column oriented storage as being particularly effective for data warehouse purposes. Stonebraker makes some impressive performance claims for his own product in this respect.

It would be interesting to see how Vertica matches up to Caché and whether column-centric data stores would be a good design pattern for some of our databases. Performance for fetching a single column might be good, but wouldn't it suck if you needed several columns?

Give a lightning talk

The lightning talks session is where we invite you to give a five minute talk on any subject of your choice.

This is your chance to tell everyone about your current project or some cool technology you've been using. Or maybe tell us about some problems you've encountered or show off a clever solution.

Lightning talks are your forum for sharing your thoughts and achievements with your peers.

If you are interested in giving a talk, just check the box on the registration form or send an email to Michelle.

Make a weekend of it

If our one-day conference is not enough for you why not make a weekend of it?

The day after InterSystems are running a free seminar in Eton about Java Persistence. They appear to be taking the heretic's view: "We challenge the view that java persistence should always be mapped to a relational model. This presentation accompanied with live demos will provide an overview of a new persistence option for Java developers, InterSystems Jalapeño™".

Or, if Java is not your thing, then perhaps the conference by the BCS Primary Health Care Specialist Group titled Global Health Records - Putting the Patient at the Heart of Care in Oxford, is more your cup of tea. This runs for two days, Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September. What better way to fill your weekend? You know the weather's going to be terrible so gardening is out of the question anyway.

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